Hosoya Credits American Studies Program for his Love of Volunteering

altTakahiro “Tanch” Hosoya, American Studies Program 2006, has already had some very interesting experiences in his life.  After graduating from Tokyo International University in 2008, he went to work for a Japanese company, but he really felt that he needed to see more of the world.  He had learned about international cooperation in the classroom, but wanted to experience what that was like out in the real world.

So after four years as a salesman, he quit his job and signed up to volunteer with JICA, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (http://www.jica.go.jp/english/index.html) as a JOCV – Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. 

Tanch was sent to Mozambique where he worked on income improvement of small-scale farmers.  He worked with the farmers on rice production, beekeeping, and food processing technology, such as making jam.  He then organized markets for introducing and selling their products.


2013 Holiday Greeting

altHappy holidays from everyone at Tokyo International University of America!  Please click here to see our holiday e-card.


Stand Up Take Action 2013

altThe Stand Up Take Action project is a global campaign for the elimination of poverty through standing up, to appeal to world policymakers in the hopes of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a United Nations Development Program. Locally, two American Studies Program (ASP) students at Tokyo International University of America put together a workshop to learn about the MDGs. The workshop took place Tuesday, October 15, in the Hatfield Library and Jackson Plaza on the Willamette campus.

American Studies Program (ASP) students from Tokyo International University started their involvement with this program three years ago at TIU in the Global Studies Program (GSP). That program focuses on a variety of topics associate with world-wide problems, conflicts, and issues. They went to Mongolia where they studied environmental education, peace education, and foreign language education for sustainable development in Mongolia.  Also Stand Up Take Action was held at TIU on October 17.


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