American Studies Program (ASP) Regulations from TIU

(This is a translation of the Japanese version.)

Because there are many differences in culture, customs, and public security between the United States and other countries, participants need to be cautious.  When the participants are away from the university on trips, they have to be even more cautious.

1.         Before Departure

            a.       The students must not be absent from the orientation unless excused.

            b.       Health Care

                        (1)       The students should maintain their own health and should try to not catch a cold or have a stomach ache before they leave Japan.  Of  course, the students should maintain their health during the program.

                        (2)       If the students have particular medications that they regularly take, they should bring these medications with them.  The insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions.  If the students have chronic diseases or allergies, they should report it to the International Exchange Office before departure.

                        (3)       If the students have decayed teeth, they should be treated before departure.  Dental treatment abroad is not covered by insurance.

                        (4)       If the student needs to adjust their eyesight by glasses or contact lenses, they should be treated before departure.  Optical treatment is not covered by insurance.

2.       Overall Life

    a.       The participants must not go against the federal law of the USA or the State of Oregon.  Being involved with drugs or drinking under the age of 21 is prohibited.  Also, the participants have to be concerned about the differences in culture and customs in order to stay away from crimes or sexual problems.

     b.       The participants have to treat the facilities and equipment in the university nicely.  If facilities or equipment are damaged or lost, the person who is responsible must report the damage or loss to the office.  Depending on the circumstances, the participants may have to pay for the damages. 

     c.       The participants must follow the policies of the residence halls.  The participants are responsible for the safety of their valuables.

     d.       Willamette University is a non-smoking campus.  Participants cannot smoke anywhere on the WU campus.

     e.       The participants must not own or drive a motor vehicle or a motorcycle. 

      f.       Riding bicycles on the sidewalks is prohibited by the Oregon State traffic laws except in the permitted area designated by such traffic signs.  The participants must be aware of this rule.

     g.      The participants have to be very cautious when riding in a motor vehicle or on a motorcycle that another person is driving. 

3.        Free Activities Outside of the University Control

  a.       The participants must submit online “trip forms” to the office before they go on any overnight trip.

  b.       Making a trip alone is not encouraged.  If the participants need to make a trip alone, they should submit an online "trip form" and a "permission to make a trip alone letter" from one of their guardians.  (Fax letter may be accepted.)


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