Emergency Contact Numbers

If you have an emergency, please contact the following numbers

24 hours:

For On or Off Campus Incidents, call Campus Safety  (503) 370-6911  (On campus phone: 6911)   alt

Daytime/Weekday 8:00am – 5:00pm:

TIUA  (503) 373-3300

After office hours/weekends/holidays


For an On-Campus Incident, call the RA on duty

  • Eastside: Baxter, Belknap, Matthews, Terra, Cascadia, Northwood, Southwood, Westwood -- 503-302-4569
  • Westside: Doney, Lausanne -- 971-209-9777
  • Cornerstone: York, Lee, Shepard, WISH -- 503-302-4571
  • Kaneko Commons:  503-302-6562



On/Off Campus Incident

Campus Safety (503) 370-6911  (On campus phone: 6911)



When you call Campus Safety or TIUA, please say “I have an emergency.”

Then answer these questions:

(1) What happened?

(2) When?

(3) Where?

(4) How did it happen?

(5) Who was involved?

(6) How can you be contacted and your name?




Emergency Contact Numbers



24 hours:


 キャンパスセイフティー(503)370-6911  (キャンパス内の電話: 6911)


平日8:00am – 5:00pm:

 TIUA    (503) 373-3300





  • Eastside: Baxter, Belknap, Matthews, Terra, Cascada, Northwood, Southwood, Westwood  -  503-302-4569
  • Westside: Doney, Lausanne  -  971-209-9777
  • Cornerstone: York, Lee, Shepard, WISH  -  503-302-4571
  • Kaneko Commons  -  503-302-6562
  • Fraternities and all apartments on campus  -  503-302-6825




キャンパスセイフティー(503)370-6911  (キャンパス内の電話: 6911)




 “I have an emergency.”と伝えます。そして、下記の内容を伝えます。

 (1) 何が起こったのか

 (2) 時間

 (3) 場所

 (4) 起こったときの様子

 (5) あなた以外の関係者

 (6) あなたの連絡先と名前






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Equal Opportunity Statement

Tokyo International University of America (TIUA) is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment.  TIUA does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, ancestry, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, employment policies, scholarship programs, and other TIUA administered programs and activities.  For the purpose of admission, all students must be formally admitted by Tokyo International University (Kawagoe, Japan) prior to making application to the American Studies Program at Willamette/TIUA.