College Survival Vocabulary

Do Laundry: to clean dirty clothes

Washer: the machine that washes clothes

Dryer: the machine that dries clothes

Laundry Detergent:  the soap used to clean clothes     alt

Fabric Softener: the soap used to soften clothes, but does not clean them

Dryer Sheets: a type of fabric softener that is used in the dryer

Blue Tape/Painters Tape: the only type of tape that is allowed in a residence hall room -- used to hang posters, etc. on the walls

Twin Bed: single bed, the size of the beds at Willamette

Comforter: the heavy or thick blanket that goes over the top of the bed

Throw: a blanket that is smaller than a bed size, used at the foot of the bed, or for use when relaxing.  (Throws are usually cheaper than regular sized blankets.)

Sheets: the linens (fabric/cloth) that go over the mattress and under the blanket

► Mattress Pad: a cushion to make a mattress softer

Surge Protector (sometimes called a Power strip): an electrical cord that has many outlets and will protect your computer from a power surge in a storm.  It has an “on” and “off” switch.

Incandescent light bulb: a normal type of light bulb that you can change easily

Halogen bulb: a type of light bulb that is not allowed on campus, it gets hot easily and can start fires

Shower Shoes: sandals (flip flops) that students wear in the showers to keep their feet clean.

Shower Caddy: a container used to carry shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. to the shower

Rinse: wash without the use of soap, or to get the soap out using water (example: you can rinse your hair or your laundry).  NOTE: the Japanese word “rinse” usually means “conditioner” in English.

Conditioner: the hair product/lotion used to make hair soft and free of tangles or knots (does not clean hair). You usually put it on your hair after rinsing out the shampoo, while you are still in the shower.

Body Wash: a soft liquid soap used to clean your body.

First Aid Kit: a container full of bandages, medicine and other things needed if you get a small cut, or head ache, etc.  It usually comes in a box or bag.

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