Housing Information at a Glance


You need to move 2 times during the ASP and remember you pack again for the end of the program!! 

このプログラムに参加中、2度 引越しがあり、プログラム終了後には全ての荷物を整理することを覚えておいてください。


► Your room is not large.  Plan to bring stuff from Japan that you can manage moving by yourself.    alt
あなた方が利用する寮の部屋は、広くありません。 自分で運べるだけの荷物を日本から持ち込みましょう。

Pre-departure: ► Fill out “housing form,” during pre-departure orientation.
(November)  事前講習会でルームメイト選定のためのフォームに記入します。 

Smokers have less of a chance to have WU roommates. It is a good idea to quit smoking NOW!
However, please be honest. If you mark as non-smoker and are placed with a student who has allergy of nicotine and other chemicals, that student may develop a critical condition. You are very responsible for it. (Allergy reaction may happen from the smell/particle of your cloths after smoking).


Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH): Housing placement and roommate assignments will not be based on student’s gender identity.  Students who identify as an ally for students in the LGBTQ community or students who identify as someone in the LGBTQ community may be interested in this type.

Gender Inclusive Bathroom (GIB): Any student in the community will have access to all bathrooms (including toiles, sinks, and showers) all times. Students who have no preference on what type of bathrooms is in their community or students who prefer not to use gender binary-assigned bathrooms may be interested in this type of community.  (Adapted from ASP housing information form by Housing)

January:    ► WU Housing staff matches roommates based on the housing forms; however, this is only for reference. 
        イトを決めます。 しかしこのフォームはあくまでも参考です。 

February:  ► On the first day of Arrival, you will find out about your residence and roommate(s).

March: ► Start looking for your fall roommate. 

April: ► Whether you have found your own fall roommate or not, all students sign up for a room for fall semester with lottery number on-line  (TBA).
                      自分で秋学期のルームメイトを探します。 ルームメイトが見つかっても見つからなくても抽選番号に従ってオンラインで秋学期の部屋を決めます。

May:  ► In the first week of May, find your summer roommate (ASP) and report to the Summer Community Coordinator.
     ► Saturday on the third week, all ASP students are moving into Kaneko Commons A Wing.

      第3週のの土曜日に、すべてのASP生はカネコ コモンズのA棟に移動します。

⇒ Before making your summer plan, read the moving direction or ask a TIUA staff for more details.

August:   ► You can choose the moving day  引越し日を選択できます
                ► On the 2nd and 4th week in August (dates will be announced in July), you have a chance to move to fall housing. Kaneko A will be returned to Willamette University.
        8月の第2週と4週に(7月に最終決定日連絡します) Kaneko A棟はウ大に返却するため、 ASP生は秋学期の部屋に移動します。
                ► Wednesday on the 4th week, ASP summer vacation ends.   (Before making your summer plan, check the date!)

December:     ► Shipping information on the first week (You may send some stuff to Japan.)

Flea market:  You can sell your stuff. フリーマーケットで所有物を売ることができます。

Donation:  You can donate your stuff that you don’t want to send or take back to Japan.  売りのこった物や、日本に持って行かないものを寄付することができます。

Shipping Day: TBA/ the last week of the program.

Note: These dates may be subject to change. (注):日程は変更する場合があります。


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