Announcing Kaneko Day Camp 2016 Partnership with the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation: "Explore Japan!"

We are pleased to announce that this summer, we will be partnering with the Salem Keizer Education Foundation (SKEF) to provide Kaneko Day Camp as one of SKEF’s summer programs. Our session will be titled “Explore Japan!” and will be held July 11-15, 2016. alt

What will be the same this year?

► Our international students (ASP students) will continue to teach the classes.

► Campers will engage in a variety of hands-on activities to learn about Japanese language and culture.  

What will be different this year?

► Our session will be called “Explore Japan!” in the SKEF brochure, rather than “Kaneko Day Camp.”

► Students entering K-5 will be eligible for Day Camp. Unfortunately, we will not host a junior high camp this year.

► Camp will be held at McKinley Elementary School, not at Willamette University/TIUA.

► Because the program is a part of SKEF summer programs, campers are able to be dropped off earlier and stay later in the day for more flexibility for working parents and guardians.  SKEF offers both half-day and full-day care options for the week; although Day Camp will only be half of the day (K-2 in the morning, 3-5 in the afternoon), your camper(s) can also sign up for another half-day session for a full-day of care during that week.  

► SKEF childcare professionals will be present during the camp to ensure that all campers have a great experience!

How does this affect registration and fees?

You will register for KDC/Explore Japan! this year through SKEF. Pricing will be available on the SKEF website, and half-day care will be comparable to the cost of past Kaneko Day Camps.  In addition, Day Camp will be for a full five days, rather than the 4-day camp we have held the past few years.

We have applied for need-based scholarships in the past. Can we still apply for a scholarship this year?

Yes! We will still offer a limited number of need-based scholarships to attend Kaneko Day Camp through SKEF.  You can apply for these scholarships through SKEF.  Please let them know when you are submitting your paperwork for the session.  They will give you the scholarship application form.

When will information about “Explore Japan!” be available?

The SKEF summer schedule is available now.  Here's the link.

I want to get involved interculturally before summertime! Are there other opportunities?

YES!!!  The Tomodachi "friendship" Program is still seeking volunteers for its fall semester program beginning in mid-September. This is not a homestay program, but a great way to connect with students once a month and share American culture with them.  Read more about it here


Needs-Based Scholarships Available:

Scholarships are available through a grant from the Salem-Kawagoe Sister Cities, Inc. organization here in Salem.

The scholarships will be awarded through the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation. Please ask them for the scholarship application.