Manager and Managing

3 types of organizations

For profit Organizations; Most of time its goal or object is to  make a product or service it can sell for a product

Public organizations; owned and operated by the government

Non-profit organization; no focused on selling a product or service (in order to make a profit for the owner of the company)

Managerial functions

Planning; requires managers to choose goals for the organization Organizing, how to create the rupture by setting up working relationships

Leading; managers decide the direction and communicate the organization

Controlling; managers evaluate how well an organization is reaching its goal




Soichiro Takeda

Miho Kaizuka

Gansukh Khurelbaatar

Asuka Doi

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For example: STARBUCKS

STARBUCKS is For profit


 Planning; to continue to rapidly expand its retail operations grow its specialty sales and other operations


Leading; is known would-wide for its high-quality food products and differentiated” third-place” atmosphere


Organizing; to continue to be communities to providing a flexible and progressive work environment and treating one another with respect and dignity


Controlling; to refocus on the ”customer experience”


What is STARBUCKS goal??

Earn more money

People first and profits last


Business & Management Group 2