Hello everyone!!  I am Seira. Today, I would like to tell you about, “How to use on iPod”. Do you have an iPod, or do you have other personal stereo equipment? I have an iPod nano, so I focused on how to use it. I hope you will want an iPod nano after you listen to my speech. Ok, let’s get started!!

     First of all, even if you have an iPod nano, you can’t listen to music if you don’t load music onto your iPod nano, so I will tell you about, “How to download music from a computer to your iPod nano”. First of all, you have to get iTunes which is a digital media player, so you search for the iPod website on the internet. Then click the iPod website. After that, click iTunes 7 Download now, and type in your mail address, and download it. After that, click iTunes, and go to the iTunes store which is a store to buy music on the internet. (You can buy not only music, but also music videos, movies, TV shows, and games.) When you go to the iTunes store, choose the music you want, then download it. After that, connect your iPod nano to your computer. Then the iTunes library (the place to keep your music which you download) appears on your computer, and then music is loaded to your iPod nano freely. The iTunes library can also keep your CDs, so you can listen to music of your CDs if you keep it on your iTunes library.

      Do you understand how to download music from a computer to your iPod nano? Ok, next I will tell you about how to listen to music using an iPod nano. It is very very easy for you to use an iPod nano, so don’t be afraid. First of all, Press any button, and turn on your iPod nano. After that scroll to the item by moving your thumb around the Click Wheel, choose Music, and press the Center button. In case of using Cover Flow, choose Cover Flow from the Music menu, and move through your album art as the same way to scroll to the item or press the Next/ Fast-forward and Previous/ Rewind buttons. Then select an album, and press the Center button. After that select a song, and press the Center button or Play/ Pause button to play it. That’s it!!

     Ok, now you have knowledge about the iPod nano, but the iPod nano has a lot of  functions that you don’t know, so I will describe to you another way to use an iPod nano. Of course you can listen to music with your iPod nano, but you can also watch music videos, movies, TV shows, and you can play games if you buy them at the iTunes store.  It is the same way to buy music, so it is easy to buy them!! Click iTunes, and go to the iTunes store, then buy something!!

     What an easy and comfortable portable media player isn’t it!! Do you want to buy iPod nano? I hope so. You should buy it!! Thank you for listening!!

How To Use iPod nano

Seira Shimazaki

     My topic is how to use an iPod, so I searched about iPods through people’s music lifestyle. I asked 5 questions to 8 people, 2 of them are American professors, and others are Japanese students.

      62.5% of the people listen to music more than five times a week. It shows that most people spend the time along with music in their lives. In the next question, 87.5% people answered that their favorite room to listen to music is their bedroom. It is very interesting results for me, because in my opinion, if people have personal stereo equipment, they will listen to music out side, for example in the park, beach, and the way to go school. I don’t understand why they listen to music in their room in spite that we can listen to music anywhere…In addition, I think American people listen to music anywhere, because I even heard that American students are listening to music while she is taking a shower, so I was surprised that most people listen to music in their room. In the third question, 75.0% people have their own personal stereo equipment, and 2 of them have an iPod shuffle--it is the fourth question. In the final question, 37.5% people know well or so-so how to use an iPod. It shows that iPod can be used easily.

     In conclusion, people have their own personal stereo equipment, and they often spend a time to listen to music. Today, people tend to work harder, and people can’t have a free time. However, most people can relax through the music. It is good habit for us. If the music didn’t exist in the world, people might be not able to live…


My Process--How To Use iPod nano

My Survey –Do You Like To Listen To Music?