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How to buy something from “”


Today, I will tell you how to buy something from “”. As you know, “” is a very big internet store, and you can buy many kinds of things from it. First, open Internet Explore, and access “”. To access it, you need to type “ in the address bar. The address bar is located on almost top of the screen of Internet Explore. Usually, you have to make an account before you shop by internet. However, in the case of, you don’t need to do that because you can do that in the process of shopping. And then, to find the items you want to buy, sometimes you need to search for the items you want to order. You can search in two ways; keyword search and browse. Keyword search boxes are located on mostly every page of You can also use links to browse lists. And then, if you can find the items you want, you need to add the item to your shopping cart. When you want to do that, you need to click a button which is labeled, “Add to Shopping cart”. Next, you need to make a new account and sign in. First, you input your e-mail address. Then, there are two choices above a bar you type your e-mail address; “ I am a new customer” or “I am a returning customer, so you need to choose the former. Then, click “Sign in our secure server”. Next, you need to enter your full name, your address, and your phone number. Next, you can choose a shipping method. You can choose either “standard” or “Expedited”, but it costs four to sixteen dollars. If you want to get your item earlier, you should choose expedited. You will receive your item in about three to five days, if it is in a stock. Then, you need to select a payment method. You can pay by your credit card, bank account, and a gift card of We can use a credit card, gift certificates, and so on. Next, you need to review and submit your order. In this part, you can check what you will buy, the total price, your address, and shipping method, and if your information is correct, click the button which is written “ Place Your Order”. You are done! After your order is done, you will receive an e-mail about your order’s confirmation, so you should check it, and you just wait to receive your item.


My survey analyzing


     My survey topic is about Four TIUA students and two my survey questions. My first question is, “ Do you know”, and all of them do. Next, I asked , “ Have you ever bought something from”. About 67% of them have bought something from, and 33% of them have never done that. My third question is that “ What kind of things did you buy?”, and people who have bought something from bought books, music and DVDs even though there are many kinds of items such as electric products, grocery, clothes and so on in My fourth question is that “ Do you think is easy to use?”. 50% of them answered yes, and the others answer “ I don’t know”.  My last question is “ Please write down things which you want to know or learn about”, and they want to know whether it is cheaper than regular stores or not, how to buy thing at a discount, and differences between the American one and Japanese version.  In conclusion, I think many people know what is , and almost 50% of the people have been something. Furthermore, 50% of my respondents thinks it is easy to use.


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