Fall Semester Course Guidelines for CLA Courses

WU College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Course Guidelines
Fall Semester – 2020

(as of January 2020)

Willamette University and TIUA have jointly established the following guidelines for ASP students who will be taking CLA courses in fall semester.  Please read them carefully as you prepare to register.

A.        General Information

1.  In fall semester, TIUA recommends that a student complete at least one Willamette University (CLA) course.  Please note that the minimum TOEFL standard for admission of international students to Willamette University is 560 or higher.  If your TOEFL score is lower than 560, please be advised that a CLA course will be very challenging.  The equivalent TOEIC score would be about 775.  Please refer to the Open CLA Courses and Restricted CLA Courses guidelines below.  Consult with your Academic Advisor if you are planning on taking a CLA academic course.

2.  Taking a Willamette University (CLA) course in the fall semester will depend on your English language ability (measured by the TOEIC) and your overall grade point average (GPA) in spring and summer semesters. 

B.        Open WU (CLA) Courses   The following courses are open to all ASP students:

  • Fitness Activity courses (FITS 031X-085X) (2-3 spaces per class)
  • Practicum:  Japanese Language Facilitation (check WU Course Schedule for maximum enrollment)
  • Theatre Practicum (up to 4 spaces)
  • *Music Performance courses (e.g. choirs, bands, etc.) and Applied Music lessons

                        *Auditions may be required for acceptance into these classes.

  • First year foreign language courses (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.)

Important Note: Although these courses are open to all ASP students regardless of TOEIC score, it is important that you work hard to develop your English language skills and your academic study skills. These courses may be challenging and will require that you be able to communicate effectively. Class sizes are limited.

C.        Restricted WU (CLA) Courses

1.  If you want to take a Willamette University non-ASP College of Liberal Arts (CLA) 100 or 200-level course not listed in the section above, you must have a cumulative ASP GPA of 3.0 and a TOEIC score of 600 or higher at the time of registration.

If you registered for WU courses during Early Registration (April) and do not have a 600 TOEIC score, you must petition to stay in the WU course.

2.  If your TOEIC score is 550-595 and your ASP Spring GPA is 3.0 or higher at the time of fall semester registration, you may petition to take a non-ASP Willamette University 100 or 200-level academic course.  Complete the ASP Petition to Take a Willamette University (CLA) Course form and submit it to your Academic Advisor.  You must schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor and be prepared to discuss the information you have provided on the form.  Please read the form carefully and make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Important Note:  Registration for fall semester takes place in July. Students may also register for fall courses (CLA or ASP) in late August; the same rules are used.  If you can show that your TOEIC score increased according to the guidelines outlined above before the end of the add/drop period (the first two weeks of fall semester) and you have at least a 3.0 GPA, then you can talk with your advisor about taking a restricted 100 or 200-level College of Liberal Arts non-ASP course, but your Academic Advisor must approve your registration.

If your GPA falls below a 3.0 by the end of summer semester, you will no longer be able to take a Willamette non-ASP academic course in fall semester.  This means that in August, you will have to drop the non-ASP Willamette course for which you have registered.  You may choose to register for an open WU course or an ASP course to replace the course you have dropped.  Therefore, it is very important that you maintain good grades during the summer semester so that you can have the chance to take a CLA 100 or 200-level course in the fall.  It is also important that you achieve a TOEIC score that meets the requirements outlined above.

3.  Full-time student requirement:  Each ASP student is required to be a full-time student.  In the fall semester, the minimum requirement for full-time study is to take at least 3 credits (12 TIU credits) and 4 courses (ASP and CLA).  This requirement is only a minimum.  A student may take more than the minimum number of courses if he/she wishes.  However, the student must have advisor approval so he/she should talk with his/her advisor about the number of courses and the types of courses they are planning to take.

a. The full-time study requirement (4 courses) does not include Fitness Activity, Applied Music (private lessons), Japanese Language Practicum or Theatre Practicum.

b. Students do not usually take more than 2 ASP electives and 2 Applied English courses during one semester but it may be possible.  Please see your Advisor if you have a question about this.

4.  The limit of WU (CLA) credits a student may register for is 1.25 (1 CLA credit is the equivalent of 4 TIU credits).  The 1.25 credits do not include Applied Music (private lessons) or Japanese Language Practicum.  If you wish to take more than 1.25 credits, there is an additional tuition fee. 


Some SAMPLE combinations of credits are below:

 Dept/Number   Course Title  Credits
 SPAN 131-01   Elementary Spanish I  1.00
 FITS 065X-01  Pilates     .25
 Dept/Number   Course Title  Credits  
 IDS 061X-01   Model United Nations  .25 
 THTR 182-01  Fundamentals of Modern Dance  .50 
 FITS 069X-01   Core Body Conditioning  .25  

Applied Music Lessons have an additional fee, so you may register for more than 1.25 credits if you wish to take private lessons.

 Dept/Number   Course Title    Credits
 SPAN 131-01    Elementary Spanish I    1.00
 FITS 065X-01   Pilates    .25
 MUSC 170-07  Guitar (Applied Lessons)  .25 or .50
  TOTAL CREDITS    1.50, 1.75

5.  ASP students who qualify to take WU (CLA) restricted courses can register for pre-100, 100 and 200-level courses only (some Fitness and Music courses are pre-100).  ASP students cannot register for 300 and 400-level courses.

6.  If a course has a Prerequisite, please consult with your Academic Advisor.  A prerequisite is a course that is required before you can take a certain course.  For example, MATH 152 is a prerequisite for MATH 153.

7.  Note that a few courses (example: Tennis) are HALF-SEMESTER courses.

8.  It is required that you attend the first class session of a class.  Otherwise, you may be considered to have dropped that course and may be deleted from the class roster.

D.        Specific Course Information

1.  SCIENCE (Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Physics, Psychology, etc.):  Check to see if the class has a lab hour. List the lab class on your registration form also.

2.  FOREIGN LANGUAGES:  Students should register for 100-level courses.  If there is an interest in a more advanced course, the student must first go to the elementary course and check with the professor of that course about moving to a more advanced course.  The elementary course professor will decide if the student is prepared for a more advanced course.

3.  MODEL UNITED NATIONS (IDS 061X):  No more than 4 ASP students can take this course.  It is a student-run organization rather than a regular “course,” but it does carry .25 credits.  Your Academic Advisor has information about the Model United Nations course.

4.  ENGLISH:  ASP students must have a TOEIC score 600 or higher and permission from the instructor to enroll in writing or literature courses.  For more information and advising, see your Academic Advisor.

5.  MUSIC:  Some courses require an audition.  Applied Music lessons require making arrangements with the professor.  The fee for individual lessons is $340 for a 30-minute weekly lesson and $680 for a 60-minute weekly lesson.  (The fees might increase for this year.)  You will receive more information about music classes in June before registration.  See the Associate Director of Academic Administration if you have questions.

6.  FITNESS (Activity Courses):

  1. All students may register for only 1 Fitness Activity Course.
  2. “COED” means the course is for men and women together.
  3. Because this is an activity course, it is important to attend each class session.  If you miss more than 3 classes, you may be dropped from the course.
  4. CLA students are charged $50 Fitness class fee, but ASP students do not need to pay this fee.


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